Mare Mare Eko?

All of you, who prefer a different type of vacation, welcome!

From now on “Robinson Crusoe” style tourism, romance and comfort go together. We offer an absolute serenity.... whether you are with family or friends, swimming at the beach located only a few meters away from your “Robinson Crusoe” style house, barbecuing or enjoying the moonlight and the sky loaded with stars whose brightness can be experienced only in a place with no artificial light ... try ... you will enjoy this!


We want to introduce a part of Mare Mare Club project which offers a different kind of vacation. Mare Mare Eco represents the concept of spending time outdoors in a controlled manner, enjoying nature, but also activities related to nature. To start with, we offer two accommodation facilities categorized as "Robinson Crusoe” style where you can stay for 7 days at certain periods. All information related to your stay, as well as the logistical support are available on this site. Book your accommodation today!

Robinson accomodation